Cloud 9 Minus One


About August 3, 2009

Busy looking after her writers’ colony and hoping for a holiday in Spain with her husband and children, Shruti Narayan is startled to find a rather unwanted email in her inbox one morning. It is an invitation to a reunion at her college in Bangalore. It takes her a second to delete the mail. After all, why would she want to leave her life in Philadelphia to visit the past that she has left so far behind, to go back to Priya, the best friend she deserted, and to Jaggu, the old flame she once rejected? But as luck would have it, her husband finds out about the reunion and

Shruti and her family find themselves at the gates of her college. Desperate to ensure that her family does not learn about her past escapades, yet unable to prevent herself from revisiting old memories, Shruti is caught in a guilty whirlpool of emotions and desires, as she struggles to reconcile past and present loyalties.

A vibrant over-the-shoulder take on student life and young love, Cloud 9 Minus One is as much about nostalgia as it is about moving on.

Sangeeta Mall recently completed her Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh. An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Sangeeta is an ardent Humanist and edits the International Humanist News.

This is her first novel.


20 Responses to “About”

  1. Roshini Says:

    hey Sangs
    this is good, I have to definitely read the book. Sounds like all of us ….
    And we just had our IIMA reunion this year

  2. Meena Khilnani Says:

    Hmmmmm! Sounds like a blast from the past……which most of us have enjoyed and experienced.

    If only for the sake of curiosity, I think it should be a must read.

    Reminds me of an article in Times yesterday, where there is a mention that earlier there used to be love, now there is only relationship amongst teens and young adults.

    Good luck!

  3. aishwarya Says:

    this seems interesting…i’ll b there at the launch

  4. Ram Lakshmanan Says:

    Hi Sangeeta,

    Can’t wait to read the book. Would it be too much to ask you to ship us a copy to our US address? Will pay you for all the expenses, of course.


  5. Ankush Says:

    Just found a post about your book on FB. Sounds an interesting read. Good luck.

  6. bhuvana Says:

    A very interesting title, look forward to reading it. All the best

  7. Dee Says:

    Dear Sangeeta,

    I just finished reading your book Cloud Nine minus one( an intriguing title which made me buy it in spur of the chick-lit kind of cover), which by the way I bought in India on my trip there2 weeks ago.

    The book is really a good one for a first-time writer; especially the economy and the beauty if your language. The plot and characters Re impressive too. I just did not like the rushed- ending with all the ends tied up rather hastily…

    Look forward to your next one! All the best.

  8. Anupa Says:

    Hi Sangeeta,
    i finished reading the book yesterday and believe me it took me just 5 good days…so u can imagine how glued i was to the book…..The cover image is so catchy!..
    I hope you are planning to come up with another one soon…..
    Am waiting!

    Loads of luck!!!

    • sangeetamall Says:

      Thanks Anupa. It is always rewarding for a writer to hear that the reader has appreciated the book. That is, in fact, my biggest reward. I might post your comment in the reprint of my book, and would like to get a brief line about you.

  9. Jyoti Says:

    Hi Sangeeta, How can I gift this book to my sister in law in the US ? I live in Australia and I bought this lovely book on my trip to India last month and have been engrossed completely .. I cant find it on Amazon.. is there any other books website which ships to the US ??
    Her birthday is approaching and she’s Ex-IIMA – am sure she will love it ! .. Mayeb even more than me..
    Looking forward..

  10. Abhishek Says:


    Some 6 hours and on 245th page, happy that there is still some 100 pages.

    Can say for sure this book is an awesome write..

    An avid follower of authors like you, i have discerning taste of finding what qualifies to be a novel..


  11. Manish Says:

    Hi Sangeeta,

    Frankly speaking ,I dont like reading and even i dont rememeber why i brought this book.

    But Cloud Nine Minus one is simply fabulous and mind blowing . Keep up your good work .

    I’ve recomended this book to 5 of my good friends
    Let me know when is your next book coming I’m eager to read it too


    • sangeetamall Says:

      Thanks Manish. I do hope all your friends also enjoy CNMO as much as you did. Would love to know where you are from, and your background.

  12. Venkatesh Says:

    I read the book…simply superb..the story goes just like fatak…tooo gud…will sangeeta be writing any more books ???

  13. Hi Sangeeta,

    Started reading CNMO today and finished it in 5 hours straight…was glued to it completely….Loved your descriptions of places and sketching of characters….and a sort of interplay between past and present…Looking forward to more novels from you in the future

    Siddharth G. Majhi
    BE(Electronics and Communication-final year)

  14. sangeetamall Says:

    Yes, I sort of like all the characters as well. In fact in the reprint, there’s going to be a contest where you can make the character say what you like. That should be fun!

  15. Shruthi Indudhar Says:

    Hi Sangeetha,

    i am very happy to see my name as one of character in this book. but i am a BE graduate. I read this book and it refreshed all my memories in my college. You know what? Actually when i was in the middle of this book, i also got invitation to my college annual function so it was so coincidental.


    Waiting for one more:)

  16. Kashish Minocha Says:

    hey sangeeta!! cloud 9 minus one is an extremely awesome book! i enjoyed reading it! a very true, realistic and meaningful book….waiting for more of your writing!

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