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Sexy, Sexy, Sexy February 27, 2012

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I had barely heard of a woman called Mamta Sharma until she turned the word ‘sexy’ sexy. Ms. Sharma is the Chairperson of the National Commission for Women, and her resignation is being demanded by ‘feminists’ because she said in today’s world the term ‘sexy’ isn’t objectionable as it could also mean ‘beautiful’. Clearly feminists don’t agree with her. They think ‘sexy’ is sexist, and so what if I believe George Clooney is the sexiest man on the planet, or that watching a sunset while drinking a chilled beer on a beach in Goa is the sexiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. In the former example, by ‘sexy’ I mean someone with whom I’d like to have hot sex, and in the latter, of course I’m using a shortcut to express my awe and admiration for nature’s beauty.
There are two issues to the objections of the objectors to Ms. Sharma. One is the vocabulary. Is the word ‘sexy’ objectionable? If it were then Sandra Bullock wouldn’t be mouthing it on the Red Carpet at the Oscars in 2012. Yes, she said ‘sexy’. ‘It’s going to be a sexy night’ or words to that effect. I think what she meant was that it’s not just going to be a beautiful night but also an alluring, charismatic, entertaining and emotional night. All this was conveyed through one word.
So as a word ‘sexy’ isn’t like the F word, and in this case F doesn’t stand for Feminist. ‘Sexy’ is perfectly parliamentary in its usage. The second issue is whether using the word ‘sexy’ for a woman is demeaning. I’ve heard many daughters call their mothers sexy. That’s meant to be the epitome of praise. Actresses call a role sexy, doctors of both genders are sexy for doing something neat, writers produce sexy books, and the least sexy thing I’ve seen in my life is advertisements that show women washing their husbands’ dirty laundry. Personally the sexiest woman I’ve heard of in recent times is the woman who left her husband because his village didn’t have an indoor toilet. She was the catalyst for making a cluster of five villages in backward Maharashtra 100 percent open air toilet free. Now that’s called being a woman!
The definition of ‘sexy’ no longer relates to heaving bosoms and legs spread wide. It has achieved a far greater status. Mamta Sharma was only stating the obvious. Why can’t feminists also move with the times?


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  1. This is what I call a sexy post!

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