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Sexy, Sexy, Sexy February 27, 2012

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I had barely heard of a woman called Mamta Sharma until she turned the word ‘sexy’ sexy. Ms. Sharma is the Chairperson of the National Commission for Women, and her resignation is being demanded by ‘feminists’ because she said in today’s world the term ‘sexy’ isn’t objectionable as it could also mean ‘beautiful’. (more…)


Party Manners February 22, 2012

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Indian events have got louder, glitzier, brasher and more vulgar. Event management companies revel in bringing in the best, or the worst, of entertainment for the guests of the moneyed hosts who can afford such galas. One staple at celebrity do’s is the musical extravaganza. Noted singers are paid fat amounts to sing at these events and entertain their guests. They fail miserably in this objective. (more…)


Sister, Wife, Neta February 16, 2012

This time we have the remarkable distinction of having two women from my apartment building standing for the local elections. The only thing common between them is their gender. One candidate is single, a grassroots activist and a go-getter. The other is a WIFE. That’s all I know about her. Let’s call the former GA (grassroots activist) and the latter OW (only wife). (more…)


Joint Family? – There’s No Such Thing February 3, 2012

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Families, like any organisation, have a chain of command, in the absence of which anarchy reigns. In the movie The Descendants, George Clooney or Papa, finds himself at sea when his command is threatened and there’s almost a mutiny in the ranks, ie, the kids. (more…)