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We Are Still Alive December 17, 2011

On the day that the newspaper carried two stories on the same page – the death of atheist author Christopher Hitchens and the abuse of children by the Dutch Catholic Church – we are still alive. We have no business being alive, of course. Reading the newspaper and trying to imagine the horror of defenceless children being repeatedly raped by the very people whom they trusted and held in awe is enough to drive one into the arms of merciful death (more…)


The Perpetual Son Syndrome December 16, 2011

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In the TV show ‘Big Bang Theory’, Sheldon Cooper, that genius physicist, reverts to being a child as soon as he sees his mother. The scene is funny precisely because it is so real. The fact is that our sons never grow up, even when they become fathers. (more…)


In Death Be Good December 14, 2011

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One reason that I wish to die is because after my death, I know everyone will speak well of me. All my faults, foibles, annoying quirks will be brushed under the carpet, and a halo will be lit around my very imperfect head. The Catholics have it right. It’s called canonising. Everyone wants to be a saint, and if death is required for that, so be it. (more…)


Age and Ageing December 13, 2011

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I’m editing the yearbook for our class reunion. We are all twenty five years older.  Most of us look better now than we did then. There are a few reasons for this. (more…)