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Million Dollar Baby February 12, 2010

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The character who brought tears to my eyes in CNMO is Ramamurthy. Unlike the others, Ramamurthy didn’t make inside the hallowed portals of the IIM. He isn’t smug, superior or selfish like some of the other characters. He is nice, but always aware that while the others went ahead, he got left behind in the bloody race in India otherwise called ‘a good education’. (more…)


The Missionary Position February 6, 2010

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I don’t know if the missionary position in sex is all that charming. A man lies on top of the female form, practically crushing her with his weight, and expects her to enjoy it. Frankly it is wrong physics. (more…)


The Sexual Being February 1, 2010

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Typically a girl reaches puberty by the age of thirteen, and a boy by the age of fifteen. Puberty is nature’s way of telling us that our bodies are now ready for sexual activity. Society, on the other hand, wants us to wait. (more…)