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Children’s Tales December 16, 2009

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A friend of mine confessed to masturbating from the age of eleven. Now this is one activity that is solitary, and should be confined to that sphere of politics, I feel. It is uncomfortable to discuss one’s activities behind a closed door, whether it is to do with bodily functions, or morning ablutions, or indeed, sex. (more…)


What We Speak December 14, 2009

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The other day I did a strange thing. In my mind I said the word ‘sex’. Now this is a commonplace enough word, and what is so strange about saying it. But as I spoke the word to myself, I realised how very little in life I’ve uttered the word ‘sex’. (more…)


Who You Are December 10, 2009

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This thought is more intense than just a tweet. A journalist asked me what was the message I wanted to give through CNMO. I don’t think CNMO has a message. (more…)


Moving On December 7, 2009

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So I was in Bangalore over the weekend to launch CNMO at Landmark Bookstore, and do a reading at IIM, of course. I’m not biased (well, just a little bit!) but IIM Bangalore is a must see, must do on the Bangalore circuit. What a campus. Teeming with flora, and if there are a few rabbits and deer hiding there somewhere, I wouldn’t be surprised. (more…)