Cloud 9 Minus One


Bollywood ‘S–t’! October 26, 2009

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After seeing Julie and Julia, my husband and I got into a real, shirt-sleeves-rolled-up-jackets-off-take-no-prisoners fight over why Bollywood is incapable of making such movies. Ratna Pathak Shah’s words at the Bombay launch were reverberating in my ears. (more…)


The Aftermath October 25, 2009

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After my book launch yesterday, my husband and I, delighted by the whole party atmosphere at Landmark Bookstore, including the hugs and kisses and the whole reunion scene, and tired of discussing it threadbare (who came, who didn’t, how absolutely astonished I was to see so-and-so et al) (more…)


Here it comes October 22, 2009

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‘What would you do if I sang you a song…’ Beatles knew what they were talking about when they said ‘I get by with a little help from my friends.’ My friends have helped me turn Cloud 9 Minus One from a mere thought to a book published by HarperCollins and now in bookstores across the country. All I did was write the first draft. From then on various people took charge, and it felt as though all through the last few years someone was holding my right hand and moving it across the page to enable me to write the words that would eventually translate into a readable book.
Well, thanks, all of you! I shan’t embarrass you by listing down all the names here, but if you’re reading this you know I’m talking about you.
Okay, so the big day is finally round the corner, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll continue to hold my hand by showing up at

Landmark Bookstore, Infiniti Mall, Lokhandwala, Andheri (W), Mumbai on Saturday, 24 October, 2009 at 630 pm

And drink all the coffee on offer while discussing if Priya could have been made meaner, or if Ruts should have…But let me not deconstruct the past. What’s done is done, and the future is all about reading the final book from cover to cover (both done by the unsung genius, Omendu Prakash) and enjoying Priya, Ruts, Jaggu, et al the way they are.

So find yourself or someone you know in a book. Read CNMO.


CNMO Now In Stores October 8, 2009

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All right, the big day is finally here! CNMO is in stores in Delhi today. (more…)