Cloud 9 Minus One


Finally! September 21, 2009

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On Saturday, 19th September, I received a packet in the mail, a bundle containing six books. I looked for the author’s name and it said ‘Sangeeta Mall’. For a moment, I thought what a strange coincidence, to receive a book written by my namesake. Then reality struck. The title of the book was ‘Cloud 9 Minus One’ and it had been penned by me.
Now, I’ve seen my name in print several times. I’ve been editing journals for the last 10 years, and writing on human rights regularly. But this was something entirely different. A book! My name! The thrill!
All of you, my friends, my readers, my advisors, have stood by me steadfastly through this entire journey. While I always doubted, you always believed. You made this book possible with your obstinacy that the written word must necessarily become the printed word.
But this is just the beginning. People have to read the book, know all about Ruts and Jaggu and Priya and Rats. And that’s the hardest battle. And I still need you to help me fight and win it. So send in your suggestions, buy the book, encourage others to buy it, and of course, post your comments about it right here!
The book will be in stores by end-September. If you can’t find it in your neighbourhood bookstore, write to me and I shall arrange to make it available to you there.
Cheers, guys!


Who Do I Marry?

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Last week a long lost classmate called up. He wanted advice from me, said I wrote a blog, and many of my views were what he thought to be his own originals, and so he thought he could share something with me. He was getting married, he said. I jumped off my chair into my cat’s lap with excitement. This man, let’s call him Badal, ‘Cloud’, had been written off as a confirmed bachelor. He had done good, exceptionally good, in life, was part of the team that advised the US President on economic policy, lived in a house in upstate New York that looked like it was designed for Conde Nast Traveller special, had another apartment on the Upper East Side in New York, and could be the role model for all-that-a-successful-man-wants-and-should-have-in-life wannabes. (more…)


The Stronger Sex September 8, 2009

Last week I met a friend in whose office I was going to read the second chapter of CNMO to a few of his colleagues. He was intrigued when I told him that I would prefer an all-female audience. He wanted some of his male colleagues to also attend. Why should they miss out on the fun, he asked. No reason at all, I replied, except that this book is about relationships as seen through the eyes of two women, two friends different in all respects except the strength that they carry around with them like a second pair of jeans, comfortable and timeless. (more…)