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Little Ole Me August 29, 2009

When I first gave CNMO to a critic to read (not a professional critic but a friend), she said she loved the bit with the children in it. They sounded so real, she said. It’s exactly the opposite, I’ve found. Children, for most of us, are ninety percent headache and only five percent joy. The other five percent is left in the realm of ambiguity. We would prefer to have our lives with them when they are babies, or when they are old enough to shoulder some of our burdens. It’s the in-between stage that is problematic. (more…)


Different Strokes August 28, 2009

Yesterday a friend and I were discussing our children. She has a sixteen year old son. You know what is the worst nightmare I have about my son, she asked. Thalassemia, Asperger’s syndrome, hole in the heart, LEUKEMIA? I asked. No, no, of course not. Then what? Homosexuality, she declared, her voice sinking to a pathos-laden bass, her breath exhaling a sad sigh. So is he…? She jumped in before I could complete my question, as though merely voicing the query was a bad omen. Of course not, she scoffed, we wouldn’t be having this conversation if he were. But it has given me a few sleepless nights. (more…)


Getting Married Getting Laid August 15, 2009

Increasingly, I’m told, women are going in for live-in relationships in urban India. Really? How come I haven’t seen even one such case in my entire circle of friends and acquaintances? Perhaps because you don’t connect with the ‘right’ kind of people, is the comeback. Oho, so people living in sin are the ‘right kind’, are they? Okay, let’s not get into social politics.
Coming back to the original point. Live-in relationships. I would term it slightly differently. I would call it ‘know-him’ relationship. And most of us don’t have that privilege. We only know him on our ‘first night’, the night of the date rape. (more…)


Looking Back August 12, 2009

I’ve often discovered that my memory plays tricks on me all the time. Simple things like time and place become so confusing after some time. Did we go to Goa in 1995 or 96? We actually went in 1994. Wasn’t so and so’s house next to the bakery? I’m pretty sure it shared a wall with the shop. No, it was across from the doctor’s clinic in a standalone plot. (more…)


Loving Many People August 5, 2009

A friend spoke about modern-day Draupadis. Women like to have, he said, different lovers to satisfy different relationship needs. A buffet spread of  sexual relationships! I didn’t dispute his allegory, only added to it. (more…)